The Music of Junk


The Music of Junk is an exciting, feel-good theatre concert experience inspired by the belief that “one man’s garbage is another man’s gold”, featuring the performance of original music on instruments crafted from junk and recycled materials.

More than 20 rare and unusual instruments fill the stage and are drummed, strummed, and played to create heartfelt ballads and spirited beats. A few of the most striking devices include the ‘Sleeping Harp’ built from an old bed frame, a 'Tube Tower' made from drainage tubing, a 'Saxycle' made from the front end of a bicycle, a ‘Cookesizer’ keyboard made from cooking utensils, and a drum set made from pails, golf clubs, a bicycle, pots and various metallic junk, to name a few.

Mixing pop-rock with folk, blues, orchestral and even Scottish music, Paul Snider's songs unveil the cleverly imagined history of the junk-turned-musical-treasures, showcasing his catchy, original works with lyrics that tell stories and inspire. The audience leaves the show humming tunes and at the same time looking at recycling in a different way. The Music of Junk is a visual experience as much as it is musical that the whole family can enjoy.

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